The tourist accommodation sector registered 1.7 million guests and 4.0 million overnight stays in February 2023, corresponding to increases of 33.0% and 38.5%, respectively (+71.4% and +74.1% in January 2023, in the same order). The levels reached in February 2023 were higher than those observed in February 2020, when there were still no effects of the pandemic, with growths of 4.3% in guests and 5.9% in overnight stays.

In February, the domestic market contributed 1.4 million overnight stays (+19.0%) and external markets totalled 2.7 million (+51.0%). Compared to February 2020, there were increases of 4.9% in overnight stays from residents and 6.5% from non-residents. 

Overnight stays from United Kingdom residents (16.9% of total overnight stays from non-residents in February) increased by 2.2% compared to February 2020, while the German (share of 11.3%) and Spanish (share of 10.2%) markets decreased by 4.9% and 2.6%, respectively.

The net bed occupancy rate in tourist accommodation establishments (36.6%) increased by 7.5 p.p. in February (+11.0 p.p. in January). The net bedroom occupancy rate (45.7%) increased by 10.0 p.p. (+14.0 p.p. in January). Vis-à-vis February 2020, there were increases of 1.4 p.p. and 1.8 p.p., respectively. 

In February, 32.9% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or did not register guests (37.0% in January).

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