In July 2023, the number of deaths was 8,696, lower than the number registered in June 2023 (109 less deaths; -1.2%) and in July 2022 (2,044 less deaths; -19.0%). In that month, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 decreased to 140 (11 less deaths than in June 2023), accounting for 1.6% of all deaths. Compared to July 2022, there was a decrease of 327 deaths due to COVID-19.

In June 2023, 6,913 children were born alive, corresponding to an increase of 2.6% compared to June 2022 (6,736). The total number of live births registered in the first semester of 2023 (41,296) was higher than the value observed in the same period of 2022 (39,253), representing more 2,043 live births (+5.2%).

In June 2023, the natural balance was -1,874, improving in relation to the same month of 2022, when it reached -3,464. In the first semester of 2023, the cumulative value of the natural balance was -19,197, corresponding to an improvement from the value registered in the same period of 2022 (-24,659).

In June 2023, 3,816 marriages were celebrated, corresponding to a decrease of 5.4% compared to the number of marriages held in June 2022 (218 less marriages). In the first semester of 2023, 14,894 marriages were celebrated, 922 more (+6.6%) than in the same period of 2022.

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