The tourist accommodation sector registered 3.5 million guests and 10.1 million overnight stays in August 2023, corresponding to increases of 4.8% and 1.4%, respectively (+4.4% and +1.7% in July 2023, in the same order). 

In August, residents’ overnight stays decreased by 6.9%, totalling 3.5 million, and those of non-residents increased by 6.4%, corresponding to 6.6 million.

Among the 17 main inbound markets (88.6% of the non-resident overnight stays), the United States and Canada kept standing out, recording the highest growths (+28.9% and +27.5%, respectively) vis-à-vis August 2022. Conversely, the Finnish and Spanish markets recorded the highest decreases in overnight stays (-10.4% and -4.3%, respectively).

In August, the Algarve accounted for 31.3% of overnight stays, followed by AM Lisboa (21.2%) and Norte (17.1%). The highest growths were recorded in the Norte (+5.4%), RA Açores (+4.5%) and Centro (+4.1%), while decreases occurred in Algarve (-1.9%) and RA Madeira (-1.2%). 

The net bed occupancy rate in tourist accommodation establishments (66.6%) decreased by 2.2 p.p. in August (-1.9 p.p. in July). The net bedroom occupancy rate (73.6%) declined by 1.3 p.p. (-1.4 p.p. in July). 

In the cumulative period from January to August 2023, overnight stays increased by 12.0%, +2.4% in residents and +16.9% in non-residents.

In August, 10.4% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or did not register guests (11.9% in July).

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