The tourist accommodation sector registered 1.9 million guests and 4.6 million overnight stays in November 2023, corresponding to increases of 9.2% and 7.5%, respectively (+8.9% and +8.6% in October 2023, in the same order). Overnight stays from residents grew by 2.3%, totaling 1.3 million, and those from non-residents grew by 9.9%, corresponding to 3.2 million.

Among external markets, the British maintained its growth momentum (+15.6%) and remained the main source market (15.4% share). It was followed, in terms of representativeness, by the German (12.8% of non resident overnight stays) and North American (9.3%) markets, which grew by 10.1% and 14.4% respectively.

All regions recorded increases in overnight stays, the most significant occurring in Alentejo (+15.3%) and Centro (+10.5%).

The occupancy rate of tourist accommodation establishments rose in November (+0.6 p.p. to 36.0% for the net bed occupancy rate and +1.0 p.p. to 46.8% for the net room occupancy rate).

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