Statistics Portugal presents the 2021 compendium of “Agriculture Statistics” edition, reporting the information to the last available reference period and a wide scope of data concerning national agriculture activity. 

In crop year 2020/2021, winter cereal production was 189.2 thousand tonnes, one of the lowest in the last 35 years, reflecting an almost generalized reduction in all species. In summer crops, production increased by 10.3% in maize and 32.5% in rice.

Apple production reached 368.2 thousand tonnes, the second most productive harvest in the last 35 years, kiwi production exceeded 55 thousand tonnes for the first time and the cherry season was the most productive in the last 49 years. The entry into production of new intensive almonds groves contributed to a 31.1% increase in production, reaching 41.5 thousand tonnes of almonds.

Wine production increased by 14.7%, reaching 7.2 million hectolitres, a volume higher than the average of the last five years (6.4 million hectolitres) and olive oil production soared to an all-time high of 2.29 million hectolitres.

The number of rural fires in 2021 in Portugal was 8,230, 15.0% fewer occurrences compared to 2020 and the burnt area was 28.47 thousand hectares, the second lowest in the last decade.

The commercial deficit of agricultural and food products reached 3,845.9 million Euros in 2021, which represents an increase of 401.6 million Euros over the previous year, mostly due to Cereals (an increase of 154.6 million Euros in the deficit).

The decrease in production (-8.1%) and in exports (-4.5%), and the same level of imports, further worsen the self sufficiency of cereals (except rice), reaching 19.4% in 2021.

There were significant increases in the agricultural goods output price index (+5.6%), in the price index of goods and services currently consumed in agriculture (+14.2%) and in the price index of goods and services contributing to agricultural investment (+3.2%).

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