According to the Lists of Personnel, in 2020, in the 16 Portuguese cities defined at European level, there were 1,133,890 employees working full-time and fully paid, representing 51% of the total. In the 12 Functional Urban Areas (FUA) defined at European level, there were 1,360,456 employees (61% of the total) and the FUAs of Lisboa and Porto alone accounted for 46% of the employees working in Portugal.

In general, cities are employment poles, attracting more employees than those who reside in these territories, and even considering the 12 FUAs, which include commuting zones in addition to the city, only the FUAs of Faro, Coimbra and Póvoa de Varzim have a higher number of resident employees than the employees who carried out their activity there.

In 2020, the mean monthly earning of employees in all cities (1,408 €) and FUAs (1,366 €) was higher than the national average (1,247 €), but disparities were also higher than in the country. The differences were also evident between the 16 cities and the 12 FUAs, with only six cities having higher mean monthly earning than the country. In the case of the FUAs, only the employees working in Lisboa (1 500 €) and Porto (1 302 €) had a mean monthly earning higher than the national average.

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