In 2021, Spain recorded the highest unemployment rate in the European Union (14.8 %), followed very closely (-0.1 p.p.) by Greece. Portugal, at 6.6%, was 0.4 p.p. below the figure for the EU, whereas Czechia was the country with the lowest rate (2.8%).

In the period 2012-2021, the average age at which women have their first child increased continuously in both countries, always higher in Spain than in Portugal. The largest difference (0.9 years) occurred in the first year of the series, and the smallest (0.5 years) in 2015, 2016 and 2020. 

In almost the entire decade 2011- -2020, Portugal imported less electricity than Spain, with differences ranging from -17.7% (2011) to -373.2% (2016).). In 2012 alone, the situation was reversed, with Portugal’s imports registering 27.7% more than those made by Spain. 

GDP per capita in Portugal in the period 2012-2021 was always lower than in Spain, with differences ranging from 15 PPS to 12 PPS  until 2019. Since then, both countries have recorded falls in this indicator, which were more pronounced in Spain, so that the differences in the last two years of the series were -8 PPS and -10 PPS, respectively.

These and other issues are covered in the publication “Iberian Peninsula in Figures – 2022”

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