In November 2022, 4.1 million passengers and 19.3 thousand tonnes of freight and mail were handled at national airports, corresponding to year-on-year variations of +31.3% and +0.2%, respectively. 

This is the second consecutive month in which the movement of passengers exceeded the 2019 level (+3.0% in November; +4.0% in the previous month). The movement of freight and mail decreased by 1.5% in November (-3.4% in the previous month).

In November 2022, there was a daily average of 65.6 thousand passengers disembarked at national airports (90.7 thousand in the previous month), exceeding that recorded in November 2019 (64.2 thousand).

Between January and November 2022, the number of passengers handled increased by 129.8% vis-à-vis the same period of 2021 (-6.2% compared to the same period of 2019). The United Kingdom was the main country of origin and destinations of flights, with growths of 228.8% in the number of disembarked passengers and 228.1% in the number of embarked passengers. 

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