Interest rate increased to 1.898%, the highest value since september 2012. Owed capital and monthly loans repayments rose to 62,004 euros and 299 euros

– December 2022

19 January 2023


The implicit interest rate for all housing loan agreements increased from 1.597% in November to 1.898% in December. For the contracts that were closed in the previous three months, the interest rate increased from 2.365% to 2.715%. The average value of owed capital increased 241 Euros, reaching 62,004 Euros. The average value of loan repayments increased 11 euros to 299 Euros, representing an increase of 18.2% in nominal terms compared to the value observed in December 2021. In the contracts celebrated in the last 3 months, the average value of loan repayments increased 29 euros to 536 euros.

In 2022, the average annual interest rate for total mortgage loans was 1.084%, up by 24.2 basis points from the previous year. When compared with 2021, the average mortgage owed capital rose 3,833 Euros to 60,142 Euros in 2022. The average value of loans repayments increased 12.9% (31 Euros) to 268 Euros.

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